Thanks Sea Kayak Carolina!

While we were down in Charleston, Scott from Sea Kayak Carolina introduced us to some local paddlers and arranged for us to paddle in the salt creeks with them.  While on the water Scott instructed Maria in how to do a boat to boat transfer and they swapped boats so Maria could try Scott's composite Capella.  Then Scott was kind enough to lend Maria a P&H Delphin to paddle to the inlet the next day.

We were really impressed with the speed, handling, stability and comfort of the Delphin.  The flat bottom gives it better initial stability than a Capella but the design responds very well when edging for turns.

Later I found the boat to be comfortable for even a big paddler like myself with size 12 feet.

Thanks Scott!

Don't hesitate to click on the link above or give them a call.  Their shop is best outfitted sea kayak shop I've ever seen and it was worth the drive just to see all the boats and gear.

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