Epic 18 X looks really comfortable.

One of the reasons I mostly paddle a sit on top is that they are far more comfortable for me.  When I sit in a confining boat like my Solstice GTS I get pretty stiff in just an hour or two and in a whole day of paddling I become a little crippled and hobble around for a day or two afterwards.  When I sit on a Sit on top I can move all around even while paddling and can easily paddle three or more hours between stops without having to get out and stretch.  I knew that flat water race kayaks had cockpits that could accommodate a skirt and that they had very long cockpits that allowed the knees to be very high.  But these flatwater racers are way too tippy and specialized for the paddling I do so they were not for me.

Last weekend at my first race I noticed something about one of the sea kayaks.  It was an Epic 18x:

Do you notice something in the picture?  It's the cockpit!  It's 34 inched long!  You could not hit your knees if you wanted too.  I don't know how you'd brace to roll it, but I did see in person that there is a lot of room in a  normal sized boat.  So if you have one of these boats please bring it out sometime so I can try it.

I'm now even more sad that I had to miss the Eastern Festival in Charleston.

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