Goose Creek Island

I found a new favorite place!  Pate Boat yard at Goose Creek Island.

We had great paddling, great camping, great seafood and wonderful people.  I learned about Pate boat yard from Don Meece of the Lumber River Canoe Club.  The trip he organized this year was fun for everyone.

The winds were great for sailing at 20 mph the first day with gust to about 35 mph.  On the second day we had winds of about 10 to 15 with gusts to 20.

Just look at Alan and Dawn below!

Here they come!

Here they are!

And there they go!  It was so fast!

I got to sail my favorite rig as well.

I didn't know my rig would hold up to the big winds we had but I was surprised by how robust it was.  In a moment of inattention I gibed while taking a picture in too much wind and still knowing broke.  Downwind was a hoot and as usually upwind was a challenging slog.  

Each night we had fabulous food.  I'm not the type to post pictures of food, but we had homemade clam chowder and an oyster roast one night and a low country boil with sausage and shrimp the other night.

I cannot wait to go back.  It's only three hours away. Oyster season is over, but I think crab season starts in a month!

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