So long Cobra Revision

Often a great design is not popular enough to remain successful and that is what I think happened to the Cobra Revision. At 27 inches wide it was not a barge, and it was not made for easy standing and casting that anglers now want. However, I am told it was a great surf boat and a good all around rec boat. I was thinking of selling the Kaos and getting a Revision because it would be much better boat to paddle good spots like Drum Inlet which is over three miles out. It would be awful in the Kaos, easy in the Revision.

Sadly it is no longer an option, they are no longer sold in the states.

If you have one I surely like to try it.


  1. I know where there is a pair of these for sale...brand news.......
    New England Small Craft in Rowley Mass has them.......
    if you are looking for one they are definitely worth the drive! (plus NESC ships boats too!)

    Good winds

  2. NOT TRUE!!! Revisions are still available in the USA. We will be receiving a new shipment late March 2012. Not sure where you received your information, but it is entirely incorrect.

    Scott Walker - General Manager - Cobra Kayaks USA

    1. Good deal! I had hoped to get mine on the24th of March. Too bad there is no Dealer in North Carolina

  3. just purchases a revision from savannah canoe and kayak. Great kayak. would highly recommend knee straps installed better control in the waves.