Good bye old boat; hello new boat.

Recently I sold my Tarpon 160.  It was a great paddling and sailing boat and it did everything well and a lot of thing wonderfully.  But I had a faster boat, a lighter boat that surfed better, and no short boat for really twisty creeks or whitewater so I decided to let it go.

So long to my old friend the Tarpon:

In it's place on the boat rack is a new to me but very old kayak made by New Wave Kayak Products called  a Buzz. Here is a picture of the Buzz:

Please call me when it rains.


  1. Congratulations on having a new boat! :) I wonder how much were you able to sell the Tarpon 160. My cousin is planning to sell his, also. Nice car, by the way. Personally, in terms of having a boat, it doesn't really matter if your boat is heavy or not, what matters is how comfortable you are in it.

  2. Sometimes, it is necessary to let go of old thing to make way for the new ones. And I think it is worth it. Anyway, how was Buzz? I’m sure you are having an awesome time on the waters. And with a reliable vessel, you can explore the river anytime.