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For a few years I've been looking for the a kayak that will paddle to the inlets where I like to surf.  I  mostly like to play near inlets that are a few miles out from any car parking as these places have the  fewest board surfers and swimmers that I might disturb.  Also inlets usually provide a good mix of conditions in a small area so I can almost always find something challenging without being over my head.

But the perfect boat for this mission has eluded me.  I really like how a Dagger Kaos and Cobra Revision surf, but they can't keep up with my sea kayaking buddies on the paddle out or back.  If I try a maneuverable sea kayak for surfing like a Dagger Alchemy, I miss the real feeling of surfing. There is no bottom turn, cut back, or even a faded entry for me with these boats. They just are not as easy to turn and it is really had to set a rail when all you have is a softish rounded chine.

But finally Clipper canoes had published the answer on their Facebook Page!

I guess Clipper makes the best surf boat hauler.  I think I want one set up with oars. I let you know how the experiments turn out.

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