Winter Surf

It was in the upper 70's this January Saturday which made for a perfect day at the beach!

It was mostly a small surf day which was perfect for me to start learning about my new boat.  I really liked the way it handled.  I learned a lot about using the foot straps, if I didn't use a lap belt or thigh straps, then I could really shift my weight forward and back on the boat.  This helped a lot.  Weight forward helps to catch the wave. I think weight back helps you turn diagonally so you don't dive nose first into the sand.  And once the wave closes out, weight forward lets the boat swing out facing the sea so you can paddle out.

Mostly the rides were really short with only time for one or two quick strokes before the waves broke, But we had a few good rides each.

I think this is the best shot of the day.  All pictures were provided by Hank, who we met for the first time that day on the beach.  I hope he comes out every time we surf. He takes wonderful pictures!

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  1. Hi, Frank - it lookes like fun and certainly the weather is beautiful! Paddling is good exercise and I'm so glad that you and Maria enjoy it. Hope to see you and my daughter soon...!