Completed another Lumber river Challenge!

This was my second year and while I brought a boat that was 4 feet longer, it turned out that my time was almost an hour slower.  Last year I did not have to get out of the boat at all with the river level at just over 4 feet at the Boardman gauge, but this year I had to get out about three times.  I'd say I lost about 20 minutes to lower level causing suck water and carry overs. 20 minutes were lost because of poor boat choice as I was spending a lot of energy to make the Expedition turn.  And 20 minutes were just because my fitness level it lower than last year.

It was another gorgeous weather day and this was Maria's first time down the Lumber river.  We enjoyed the beautiful trees, birds, turtles, fish jumping, beavers and five kinds of dragon flies.  I definitely think dragon flies are the best kind of flies.

Maria got first place in the 20 miler solo women's kayak division!  Way to go!

Here is a link to more on the Lumber on Sandy Bottom's Blog:

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