1000 miles a year? Not this year!

So I'm looking back over the last couple years and it looks like I spend very close to 500 hours a year on the water except for this past year.   I do not track the mileage at all, but I'm wondering if I did, could I paddle 1000 miles in a year?

Day trips for surfing take a lot of time with about six hours of driving and four hours of surfing.  I'm really whipped at the end of these coastal day trips, but I have no idea how many miles I paddle during them.  I expect it is not a lot as I'm often paddling backwards as much as forwards.

In the winter I only paddle about 15 hours a month and we don't go very fast when we are all bundled up.  in the summer I paddle 3 or 4 times a week, but I'm not sure I'll be in town for the after work paddles with my new job travels.

I think this year I'll try to keep a written log of each paddle and see just how far I get and how many hours I spend.

Another thing that always surprises me is the lack of paddling done by paddlers who have far better skills than I.  I must be a really slow learner.  The last two years
I've met some incredibly skilled whitewater paddlers who usually paddle once a week at most.  I think I will take a page from their book this winter and try to attend some pool sessions to see if I can learn to roll.

Below is the boat I've been using most the past two years.  I completely redid the bottom last year and painted it a second time.  Now it looks like it has a thousand miles of scratches on it and I think I'll just keep buffing it out with logs and rocks and sand.

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