Designing a sail rig for the Expedition.

As many know I recently obtained a very old Cobra Expedition.  I've been doing the calculations of the forces on the 1 meter sail in various wind conditions.  I think i'll design it to handle winds to 20 knots and gusts to about 30 knots.  When there are steady winds at 20 knots I expect I will take the sail down and paddle for shore, but it is good to be safe.

I'm working on a simple rig that will allow others to try kayak sailing.  All the parts are easy to find online and can be installed in an hour or less.  If you are good at sail making, you could make your sail and install your rig in one afternoon.

For the sail I've decided a lug rig is best. So it will be similar to this one:

But it will by mounted on this yellow boat:

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