Epic V7 to Outrigger conversion almost ready for prime time!

I'm really liking the rod holder placement and I've gotten the skunk off of the boat.  The only things needed are to seal up some hardware to make the hull water proof and to add the sail.  I'm deciding between the Flat Earth Kayak Sail here or a V sail. Either way it will be a sail less than a square meter. So it will be auxiliary power to the paddling.

The Flat Earth Kayak sail is the one in back.  Mick is gone but his sails live on.

Best kayaking shoes for oysters and mud!

I still really like the Surf to Summit Ultra Flex Water booties for sandy areas and lake and river paddling.

But I've found something better for mud and oysters! Behold the Mares Neoprene boot! They make a 2 MM low cut size that is easy to pack.

The 3 MM full cut size offers better ankle protection and will not be sucked off your feet by deep mud.

I have bought them at a dive shop and found them on Amazon so I could send a pair to a friend.

Epic V7 - More Epic DIY modifications from Surfski to outrigger.

After about 4 prototypes this thing is really good! Not significantly slower. So stable that I can paddle it in any conditions.   On a day when my inner ear problems make the flat ocean seem like the roughest seas, I can still paddle it well.

Above you can see the high seat option strapped behind the cockpit.  It is not ocean or rough water approved, but it it great for balance practice or sprinting in calm water. It slides forward and Velcros in place over the bucket.

Seems like I go the ama at the right level, but I may trim the back shorter to reduce weight and improve storage.  I is surprisingly light and I have flipped a couple times testing it's limits.  Anyone who has practiced a paddle float rescue will love how fast and easy it is to right and re-enter this.

Best explanation of kayak loading

I really like the Kayak Fishing Hacks Channel even though I paddle more than I fish.

I think every paddler should know about the use of a bath mat for loading a boat and a great video about the method is here: