Whats wrong with Blogger?

It rejects my pictures so it took eight tries to upload this one photo!  The old interface used to work so well!

By the way, yes that is me. I have always had a great sense for fashion. Dig those pants!

New Spring Boats

Everyone seems to be showing up with new boats this spring.

Finally in the Cetus he always wanted!

Happy with the Force Four!

And I'm pretty happy with my new to me Kestral 140.  It is very light, it paddles well in all the conditions I've tried so far. The only bad thing in that the fishing rod holders leak badly and many of the patches and crack repairs need to be reworked.

Final Part of Spring Florida Trip

After visiting my sister we went to Lake Placid to visit my dad.  We had a wonderful time visiting and paddling around Lake Placid.

Thanks to everyone for making this a great trip!

More Spring Road Trip

After leaving Georgia we headed to Jacksonville to visit my youngest son Daniel.  Naturally after eating we found nifty places to walk off dinner near some nice water views.

Then we went toward central Florida to visit my older brother and walk around so Maria could see some alligators.

Next, we went south to visit my sister and paddle around St. Lucie Inlet:

We had to go against the current to get into Hole in the Wall.

But it was fun going up the twisty channel.

And after paddling we had a party to attend!

Little Big Horn

Here it is!


Throw away your whistle. Quit buying cans of compressed air for your other horn; this will not rust or run out of air like others.

Spring Road Trip

Every so often I go to Florida, my home state, and visit family.  Naturally I try to do a lot of paddling and sailing stuff.  Our first stop this year was in Savannah where we me Nigel Law and his lovely wife Kristen at Savannah Canoe and Kayak.  They were wonderful and friendly!  There shop had a lot of gear for outfitting your boat. Maria got a very large self inflating thigh support. It's the biggest most comfortable thigh support in the world and she has now sworn off pool noodles!

If you are in near Savannah and are interested in paddling, you owe it to yourself to stop at the friendliest shop around:  http://www.savannahcanoeandkayak.com/index.html

Nigel has a great blog here: http://savannahcanoeandkayak.blogspot.com/

The shop has a lot of surf kayaks as well as sea kayaks.  They have more surf kayaks than any shop I've seen and I've seen a lot of paddle shops!

Afterwards we visited another paddling shop on Tybee Island. This shop wasn't interested in us at all and didn't really have much gear. But they did have the full line from SKUK. 

 Later we had dinner at Gerald's Pig and Shrimp. Gerald's Tybee island Shrimp Po Boy is great and so is the Fish Sandwich!   I'd Stop at Gerald's again and again if he was only closer to home. Don't miss it.