When the boat runs you over

I don't know why it gives me so much pleasure to try to surf, even when it is a horrible failure in any terms except for the entertainment value I must provide to other folks on the beach.

The waves were 2 to 4 feet with an occasional 7 footer. My skilled friends got quite an experience getting endos and tumbled by the larger stuff farther out. I watched them go out and come back in.  It amazed me that they held their breth for so long and still rolled up. I was surprised that they were not stripped out of their boats, but they handled it and made it look easy.

However, I could not get out through the white water.  The period was 3.5 seconds and I always have trouble in short period waves.

I think that this time one problem was that the expedition does not turn well at all, so it is impossible to correct for the next wave, if the first one knocks you off course.  I think my endurance and fitness was good, but my skills are lacking, I brought the wrong boat and I just suck at this kayaking thing.  I seem to have the most fun when I eat it.  This time I actually ate sand.

 Most times I practice surfing I try to do new things so that I capsize at least four time in the day.  This time I capsized seven times without even surfing.

Later as we walked the beach the wave subsided and we saw a teen in a short rec sit on top trying again and again to make it out.  We hooted and cheered when he finally made it.

The bruises are interesting colors but pretty mild and I cannot wait for another go at it this Saturday!

Bigger Rudder is better? We'll see.

New Rudder above, Old Rudder below


I put the Hobie Adventure Island Sailing rudder on my Cobra Expedition.  This is the boat's fourth rudder. Two were the standard rudder that Cobra provides.  Both of those broke in the surf so I made my own from a piece of plastic cutting board.  This flat plate rudder was very strong but I could hear it gurgle every time I pushed it into a hard turn.  When you hear a flat plate rudder gurgling it is acting more as a brake than as a rudder.  The Hobie Sailing Rudder has a nice foiled shape, so it should not stall as easily.  I may not turn better, but at least it will slow me down as much. 

In years gone by, I got an expensive foiled rudder for my Hunter 235 sailboat in a size for a 26 foot Hunter.  It made the boat turn much better, and also allowed me to sail closer to the wind.  At first the local racing authority let it slide. The thought was, a bigger rudder would be more drag and a disadvantage.  Over time they realized it did give me an advantage and adjusted my rating a bit.

I hope to have the same experience with this rudder upgrade.



Roof Rack Redo Number Two

I think I have used this roof rack on several cars so,
 I have the feeling that the Yakima stuff is pretty long lasting. 

First it was on the Buick Road Master
 Then on the Ford Focus

At least if you wash the salt off,
it stands a good chance of out lasting your car,
 or maybe a few of your cars. 
Original Set up on this car.

This iteration was more about making the rack more useful as the basic rack has been on this car for a few months.  This car is not our " Paddling Car"  as I use it to take customers to lunch.  So it cannot smell like a dog even if it is summer.  So the boats live on another car most of the time. However this car is god for long trips and rougher roads and dirt roads so I am setting it up more as a shuttle vehicle.

One advantage of these racks is that they disengage from the "Landing Pads" on the tracks very quickly so they can be removed from the car to make it "work ready" in a couple minutes.

I offset the stacker to one side so it is still easy to carry four kayaks but I can now carry one kayak and one canoe. 

Raleigh Greenway is great for bikes and walkers but they hurt the paddlers with this change

The old Poole road canoe launch is still labeled the canoe launch on it's sign but it has become far less usable.  Now the parking lot is much bigger and it is paved so it is nicer for newer cars, but the wood ramp/steps where you launch are now quite a long walk from the lot, so you better bring a cart.  In addition the landscapers planted tree in just the right place to make it impossible to use the canoe metal racks that were a great help for getting the canoe on or off of your shoulders.  So they have made it farther to carry and harder to lift the boats up.

I guess we should be grateful that they did not put up a sign that said " No launching of boats here."

So far this is very similar to what has happened at the
Buffalo Road canoe Launch as well.

A tip for paddlers wishing to park.  I go ahead and unload and get all my gear set up even when there is no parking because walkers and bikers do not park for the whole day.  In the time it takes to get all the boats ready to launch a space usually opens up.  I have yet to get a parking ticket here, but if I do, then I will consider it a reasonable ramp fee.

Check out the Tsunami Rangers Site

The Tsunami Rangers site keeps on going in spite of a slow period after Eric Soares passing away.  The new articles are as fresh as ever, and there are many older articles that I keep going back to re read.  I really like this site and in spite of  my plans to give up paddling and take up rowing I hope you will check it out at: