Best Kayaks for Fat paddlers

I often see big heavy tall or fat paddlers looking for advice on their first kayak so I thought I'd start a list. Feel free to comment if you think something should be added to the list.

Here it is:

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

Wilderness Systems Ride

Ocean Kayak Scrambler

Ocean Kayak Prowler 15

RTM Midway

RTM Tempo

Valley Aquanaut HV

With the exception of the Ride and the Scrambler, the above boats have a very good reputation for keeping up in group paddles with Sea Kayakers.

I'd be very interested to learn what others think about this list.

Nifty Re entry video

This is usually what I do on my sit on top as well:

If you have a High back seat you may need to do this above method from the front of the boat and scoot back to the seat or you can try the older method below:

So long Cobra Revision

Often a great design is not popular enough to remain successful and that is what I think happened to the Cobra Revision. At 27 inches wide it was not a barge, and it was not made for easy standing and casting that anglers now want. However, I am told it was a great surf boat and a good all around rec boat. I was thinking of selling the Kaos and getting a Revision because it would be much better boat to paddle good spots like Drum Inlet which is over three miles out. It would be awful in the Kaos, easy in the Revision.

Sadly it is no longer an option, they are no longer sold in the states.

If you have one I surely like to try it.

New Sail Maker in the US!

About a year ago or so I recall having seen the Falcon Sails website but no sails or pictures were available. Now they are shipping really nice looking sail rigs in .7, .99, and 1.3 meter sizes.

Check out their website here:

They also have a great article on why you should try kayak sailing here:

RTM DISCO REVIEW - Another great kayak for Fat Paddlers

I recently got a chance to paddle an RTM DISCO. They are sold by the good folks at Masthead sailing and a few other dealers in the states. At about 230 pounds I am over the ideal weight for this boat but it handled just fine. It turns well, is very comfortable, and is pretty fast as far as rec boats go. I think it would handle twisty creeks and crowded cypress swamps really well. I cannot wait to get one out in the surf.

If the bow doesn't bury on every wave, I suspect that I will be able to get down to just two boats for everything. I'd use the Cobra Expedition for tripping, fast days, or long paddles and I could use an RTM DISCO FOR EVERYTHIG ELSE!

Finally some paddling for the 4th!

What a perfect weekend with cool nights for sleeping outside on Friday and Saturday.  In three days we only went around 35 miles in total but we had a great time playing on the water and eating with friends.

My Friends Eva and Tamas have also got tablets recently and they even carry them along on trips! So I'll have to try getting a dry box just for my Dell Streak 7.   Ideally I could mount it on the boat with speakers so I could watch kayaking videos and paddle while listening to the "Ride of the Valkyries".  Below you can see my GPS mount on my yellow boat. I think it should work nicely just above the GPS where the camera mount  attaches. Any suggestions?