Kayaks for Fat Paddlers

OK maybe you aren't fat.  Perhaps your just large boned or you have big hips, long legs, or size 12 plus feet.  Anyway I've may a list of boats for folks like us.

Please let me know of boats that should be added to the list and send me a picture of you and or your boat.

Also I like to add that if you are less than 200 pounds, then most of the boats below are not likely to be the best for you no matter how much gear you like to bring.

 Romany Excel - I would figure that I would have seen a couple of these here in the states, but I have not.  Many friends have told me they love how the Romany paddles and rolls but they wish it fit them better.

I wonder how long they have been making this boat that is designed for folks weighing 220 or more.  Update,  I've tried the giant size Romany and it is excellent, now I know what all the skinny and regular Size paddles are raving about.  Yes, it does cost more than my first three cars, but it could be a boat you buy and keep until the end of your days.  Plenty of 20 year old Romanies still out there doing it.

Remix XP-10 - Good boat for rough stuff, whitewater, and up to 300 pound paddler. Just don't expect it to be as fast as the Pungo 140

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140 - If you are less than 200 pounds you will be swimming in this cockpit. Truly fast for a 14 foot rec boat.  You'll be able to keep up with most sea kayaking groups/

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 - If you are smaller get a 135 or a 140.

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175 - If you are really big and tall and carry a lot of gear.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 -  a great fishing and swimming platform that is faster than mosts sit on tops and can keep up with sea kayaks in flatter water.  Really slows down paddling into a chop.  Fun to try to surf the downwind chop with this boat.  If I could only have one boat, this might be it. However, the newer versions have hinged hatches that leak badly.  They are not rough water ready, so try before you buy.

Wilderness Systems Ride - The original fishing barge.

Ocean Kayak Scrambler - The scrambler is one of the great old designs Ocean Kayak has kept alive.  I think it is too bad they have abandoned some of their best designs in favor of wider, heavier and slower barge boats.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 15 - Now only available in the angler addition as are many ocean kayak boats.  This one is purported to weigh only 60 pounds.  I'f you have one please leave a comment.

RTM Midway - Great surf and play boat.  Wet ride if you are over 200 but a lot of fun in the rough stuff and pretty fast for day trips.

RTM Tempo -  A lot like the original Ocean Kayak Scupper Pro

RTM Disco - Great all around rec and surf player if you are under 240.  It was even self draining if I maintained some speed.

Valley Aquanaut HV - Very roomy and well mannered sea kayak that can go long distances and is easy enough for most to roll and available in plastic.

Prijon Kodiak

Boreal Design Nanook

Impex Assateague - big boat and pretty roomy but the seat was not the best for me for long paddles.

Eddyline Nighthawk 17

QCC 500 - I hear this boat does not really have a big cockpit so it may not be for the truly big paddler.

Cobra Expedition - Wonderfully fast and comfortable sit on top.  Fast as the Tarpon 160 in the flat and faster and well mannered in the chop. 

Cobra Re Vision - I surf fine in my Dagger Kaos at 240 pounds but my Re-Vision is rated to 300 pounds and seems to be much faster than the Kaos.  It is still a surf boat so don't expect to keep up with sea kayaks. the stern doesn't drag like the Kaos, but the bow does plow!

With the exception of the XP-10, the Ride and the Scrambler, the above boats have a very good reputation for keeping up in group paddles with Sea Kayakers.

Epic V7  - At up to 250 pounds and 5' 10" I may be the maximum size that fits this boat well. However, this is really the most comfortable boat I've ever paddled. And no seat pads or modifications are needed.  The Epic V8 and Epic V6 are similar fits and much lighter. Since getting this boat I don't want to paddle anything else. Interestingly, this boat also fits small paddlers and even is fun for children to paddle.