One paddle to do it all?


My friend Larry Ausley has said that whenever I'm using a single blade I'm canoeing and I'm only kayaking when I use a double blade.  It seems like a good enough standard for me.  I understand that in England they call kayaks Sea Canoes and have different standards there.  But here in the States where I paddle I'm doing much more canoeing than kayaking and I want the packing for the shorter trips to be easier.  So could I have one paddle that would work for every craft?  It would not have to be the best or the lightest or the fastest. Just good enough to get me through the evening short paddles up to ten miles in a "Canoe" or 2 miles on  SUP. ( Yes a SUP is five times harder than a canoe or a kayak!)

It turns out that the good people are Aquabound/Bending Branches have a good solution. Look at these numbers.

Freedom85 / Lyric
SizeBlade3 pc (canoe paddle)

So the shortest one will work OK for me at 74 inches as a slightly shorter than normal SUP paddle and at 50 inches for me as a slightly longer than normal bent shaft canoe paddle.  Very interesting!  And it appears it is a durable version rather than a lightweight version which is even better.

 Has anyone tried this out?  If so please let me know how it went!