For Sale

Ocean Kayak SUP/ Sit on top for sale or trade. I''ll let this go for $300 half of the list price, because I want the next larger.  This is an excellent board for a beginner who want to go fast but is not really ready for racing. It is much faster than the blunt nosed boards and is really durable.  It's been stored inside and is in excellent condition.

 Kayak Sails

It's time to think about getting your sailing rig together.  If you want a cheap and cheerful rig for winds up to about 20 knots then give me a ring.  I'm making more sail rigs like the one below available in the color of your choice.

Here is the easy reefing sail at it's full one meter square size.

Below the sail is reefed about half way.

And here it is reefed as small as it will go.