Sucked into the SUP Craze

Ok so you may have noticed that I don't post here very much anymore and that is because work has picked up a lot.  This has lead to a distinct lack of paddling time. Luckily my employer is very health conscious and keeps a SUP near our office near the lake. So I bought one too and learned a few things.

I now understand why SUP is so popular.  Most people do not have time to go paddling for two to 12 hours to get a work out, so with a paddle board you can get a great workout in thirty minutes.

Also there is a lot less gear to carry because you usually only go a couple miles and not far from shore so you can swim back.

I have the one of the worlds heaviest SUPs made from plastic so I can store it outside; it is lighter than my lightest kevlar kayak.

No near to carry water or food either because you'll only be out for an hour or two.  If you cannot go two hours without water or food then you have other troubles.

So now I see the appeal of these terribly slow boats that will not carry anything and are an abomination to paddle upwind in a two foot chop.  We are waiting for the day the lake develops a good chop. Like river runners we will run a shuttle upwind of a nice pub or restaurant and race downwind to our dinner!