Epic V7 Surfski

I've wanted to try a surfski for a long time because I heard the ergonomics are great and the comfort is good. I'm not very comfortable for a long period of time in a confining traditional kayak so I prefer sit on top kayaks.

So when Jim Smith brought the Epic surfskis to our Carolina Kayak Club Demo Day, I got my chance.

I was very impressed with the comfort of the V7. It may be one of the most comfortable boats I've tried.  If you haven't been able to get the position right in your boat for good paddling try and Epic surfski they have the seating figured out.  Your feet and knees are together to facilitate easy rotation in the seat.   My feet were below my seat level for easy breathing and wonderful leg comfort.  

The Epic V7 turns well with the rudder and turns improve slightly when you edge the boat.  I had the under stern rudder and found that edging the boat towards the turn seemed to work better than edging away from the turn.  This is opposite from what I do in most sea kaaks to get them to turn well, so I recommend you try it both ways.

The boat was fast compared to fast sea kayaks I've paddled, but it is not a V12, a K1, or a thunderbolt.  

The plastic is a double dump with very shiney good looking outerlayer and a foamed inner layer that is a bit lumpy inside.  The weight seemed under 50 pounds with everything on the boat and the handles made it easy to carry.  

I think I've found the perfect boat for all my day paddles and short trips!