Kayaks Can Sail- Mast Mount

Here is a picture of the Scotty mast mount all set up with a 1 square meter reef-able lug rig set with the sheet off the front of the boom to keep the cockpit clear.

Kayaks can sail - Mast Mount or Fishing Rod Holder

Here is the Rod holder I use on my Cobra Expedition:

This rod holder has worked great as a deck stepped mast mount and also as a fishing rod holder. The Base of the unit accepts 1/2 pvc pipe that you can use to make a camera mono pod. Also Scotty sells lots of accessories that plug into the base.  Fishing rods are subject to great strain and I've tested this holder for winds up to 20 miles per hour with a one meter sail.  I suspect I'll want the sail down before it ever breaks.

Naturally you'll need to strengthen the deck of most kayaks that are not made for mounting a rod holder.  Even when you have a fishing kayak, they are usually not set up for anything stronger than freshwater bass.  I usually use a block of 1/2 inch to one inch thick piece of polyethylene under the deck.

You can buy one here on Amazon if you cannot find it at your local dealer:


Bah Humbug!

We were all loaded to go for an after Christmas paddle.

When we started the car the low tire pressure light was on so we checked the car out and found....

We canceled our paddling plans and spent the afternoon getting a new tire.  Tomorrow it will be raining, windy, and cold. So I guess we are all packed for another day.

P&H is fixing the slider!

Aparently I am not the only one who complained.  I look forward to the production model slider and hope it will be available as a retrofit for their plastic and composite boats.

Surf Swimming in Waders

I'm not really going to speak to the safety of swimming in the surf in cold water wearing waders, but I want to share my experience as I expect a lot of kayak anglers are wearing waders and going through the surf.

First of all I always wear a life jacket with waders.  My most serious paddling injury happened when I slipped on a rock, banged my head and ended up in the water.  Had I been knocked unconscious I could have easily drowned in knee deep water.  So I'll be the nerdy looking guy wearing a life vest whenever I'm on the water. The life vest also serves as a wader belt limiting the amount of water that can scoop into any set of waders. 

Secondly, I choose neoprene waders for their extra padding and buoyancy. They also provide needed padding to protect from bruises when you bang into rocks or boats.  I want these waders to be tight, about as tight as a wet suit.  I can wear socks and thin pants under them and a rash guard but that is all.  Waders that are not form fitting inhibit swimming well and have room for more water in them.  Some Waders I have can hold about a gallon of water in each foot because they seem to make the foot and ankle area too big on waders. It's a pretty funny sight waking on the beach with this water in my feet!

More thoughts will follow on this topic....

Refurbished Pentax W60

Just got a Refurbished Pentax Optio W 60 from Best Buy for about $100.  So far I'm very happy with what it is doing with my around the house experiments.  No great Pictures to share yet, put I'll be able to turn a lot of trips into short movies by changing a picture every minute into a picture every half second.

I'm welcome to any suggestions about how to use this camera best.  I have and in from 6 inch high mounting post and am making an over the shoulder 2 or 3 foot high mounting post for the back.

I was very please with the condition of the refurbished camera. I looks and acts like new.

NeoSport Xspan Long sleeve Top

This 1.5 mm top is really flexible and did not inhibit my paddling at all.  It was great alone in surf in the low 60's. Later as the clouds came out I put an IR splash top on over it to keep even warmer.  This is my third neoprene top. The others were less flexible and only 0.5 mm. This definitely wins the FatFrank Seal of Approval!

Why not a bath mat???

Those of you whom I have shown my bath mat loading method, please send me the 25 dollars you have saved by not buying the Thule bath mat loading system below:

I all fairness I think the Thule system will work great.  They use straps to hold it in place and a bath mat stays in place because the bottom side is rubber coated.  The bath mat also works to keep your car seat dry for the ride home and has other uses.  Once I've collected all your money I will let you know when the party is where you'll get your free book  "50 ways to use a bath mat". 

Thanks again friends!

Larry always takes the best pictures of me!

It looks like I might be holding the paddle upside down! I just had so much fun, but the waves hammered me and hammered me.  My huge hatches on my Tarpon leak like a sieve so I had to come all the way in to pump out the boat twice!  Next time I'll bring an electric pump!  I really liked the new 1.5 mm Neosport top I got, and later when I got colder it worked fine under my IR splash top.

Tired of cold hands?

Recently got these at Reef and Ridge sports in Raleigh.  They are a small scuba shop run by a man who paddles as well.  I really love it when I find a local shop that has the same prices as the internet or at least reasonably close. Especially on gear I want to try on first.  These gloves have pre-curved fingers for comfort in gripping the paddle. They are really thick neoprene, maybe 5mm.  And they have cuffs that are much like semi dry suits so your hands will not be flushed with cold water.