Cobra Revision - First Impression

Well I finally got a Cobra Revision.  Thank's Maria for such a wonderful Gift!  

The nice folks at Savannah Canoe and Kayak helped me outfit it with deck lines and help me rivet in handles to be used as foot straps.  They also lent me a back band as I had left mine at home.

I got to try it out in flat water for a while and found it does not stand a chance of keeping up with the sea kayaks on flat water.  It is slow just like the old whitewater boats are slow. However once you get on a wave it planes easily and surfs quickly.  Flat turns are easy, but you need to use the paddle to rudder so you stay on the wave.  Using a bracing rudder turns you off the wave or at the very least turns you backwards on the wave.  I had a lot of fun wearing myself out in the small stuff near the edge of the inlet on Tybee Island.

The boat is very stable with a unique bottom that is flat in the middle, then become slightly rounded, and at the edge has channels that make for really hard chines.

Seems like it will be fun in some of the mildwater I run, but it may be tricky avoiding catching an edge.

I'll let you know more as I learn more.  This is my first new boat in many many years, but I definitely think it will be a keeper.