Kayaks for Fat Paddlers

I started out kayaking at almost 300 pounds so I think all of us who wear Fat Paddlers should share our advice for beginning Fat Paddlers.  So here is my advice for choosing a boat!

I really like the Wilderness Systems brand for heavy folks.  And if you want the two most comfortable boats in the world try the Tarpon 160 sit on top.  If I had to have only one boat then it would be my beloved Tarpon 160.  I've done everything in it from white water to marathons.  For a boat that is almost as comfortable and really fast for its size try a Pungo 140, you'll be able to keep up with groups of sea kayakers and have a big comfortable open cockpit. If   you want to go in rougher water and wear a shirt then the Tsunami 145 is quick, maneuverable, comfortable, and has plenty of room for camping gear.  In fact a friend used his Tsunami 145 for a 40 mile overnight trip because he knew it would be better to be comfortable for the long miles and it was easy to sprint the boat up to 5 mph when loaded if needed.  And finally If you are truly large and or tall and you want a fast comfortable boat for you and all your gear try out the Tsunami 175.  It is the biggest of the super comfortable sea kayaks from Wilderness Systems.

I'd love to hear of other brands and models that are good for big paddlers; so please post a comment if you have one to share.

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