Instructor Training

Last Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I spent time at Jordan Lake with other club members working to get ACA instructor training.  It was a lot more fun than I expected and a lot harder work than I expected too.

Nancy at Carolina Kayak Club brought in Mike from Canoe Kayak and Paddle as our instructor trainer.  Her husband Larry and Robert from Watersmyth kayaking in Wilmington volunteered as assistants to Mike.

I sure wish I had taken a class from Mike the first time I had been in a kayak.  Now we have 9 more intructors in the club who can help beginners get the improtant skills they need to paddle better from the beginning.

While taking the class I noticed that their was a lot for me to learn to improve and refine the basic skills.  Advanced skills are useful and good, but I think I'd be a much better paddler if I focused on being really good at the basics.

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