Surfing Safari

Last weekend we took a class from Paul from the Carolina Canoe Club. Paul is an ACA level 5 surf instructor and we learned a lot! I surfed in an RTM Disco and a Dagger Kaos. The Kaos is a much better surfer, but the Disco is much better all around.

This weekend I surfed at Bogue inlet with the Expedition and had a blast, but it was impossible to turn in comparison to the shorter boats I used a week ago. I also learned that sideways in the soup is great bracing practice. My friend Lee was there with a Romany and he looked and surfed like a pro.

So I have had a lot of adventure and I only had to make some small sacrifices to the sea. Namely a paddle and rudder were broken and another pair of glasses were washed away.

Sorry I am not yet confident enough to take pictures in the surf, but I want to do it so please share any surf photo tips you have.

This coming weekend we are taking instructor training. Ha, imagine me actually teaching folks how to paddle. I'll let you know how it goes.

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