Don't replace your straps for bungees!

Those of you who know me, know that fast access to snacks is really important!  And with that in mind I removed the three straps and buckles from my tarpon hatches and replaced them with bungees.  It did make the hatches much faster to access, but over time the bungees stretch, and then you go surfing, and then your hatches get knocked off by the waves!  Lot's of fun swimming it in but, I'm thinking the best solution might be these special strap buckles from Tom at

Even little waves are hard on the hatches.

Here's a Mystic in the surf doing well.

I've seen this paddler surf like a dream in a Solstice and now he is grace in motion in a Capella. 
I guess it's not all about the boat.

All in all the Tarpon 160 was more fun in the surf than I expected.
I really should go back to straps for the hatches!

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