Swimming gets you the best pictures!

I really like swimming in the surf and I am getting some better pictures by doing it.  Next time I hope to have a wet suit top instead of a baggy splash top.  The paddling gear just doesn't lend itself to swimming well.

This is what it looks like before I go into the washing machine.

Here I am in the washing machine.

Here's a paddler starting out on a wave.

Looks like he has caught it but needs to paddle faster to get forward!

Too late for that!  Now he's riding in a submarine! You can see the whole boat is submerged.

And naturally the boat stops and re emerges backwards out the back of the wave!

Next time I'm bringing swim fins and keeping my helmet on for swims.


  1. Make sure to wear your helmet when you're swimming, too! Kayak hulls hurt. Safety first! :) See y'all next time.

  2. You are right. Next time I'll wear the Helmet when I swim and I'll bring swim fins!