Good luck WaterTribe!

I hope Dawn, a founding member of our Carolina Kayak Club, will have a good time using Verlen Kruger's paddle in the Florida Ultimate Challenge!  Here's a picture of the famous paddler's paddle.  I'd estimate it has been thousands of miles and it would please him that it is still being used on big trips.

Her son Alan has built a trimaran for them to paddle and sail around Florida.  Usually he sails the Everglades Challenge with his Dad in their Core Sound 20. So I don't know what Alan's dad Paul is doing during this years challenge, but right now I'm certain he is helping getting boats ready.

Christine, another CKC club paddle is doing her first Everglades challenge this year.   Good Luck Christine!

I also noticed Ardie Olson is in the Florida Ultimate Challenge. I expect he will be finishing well this year.

Good luck to all in the race. I'll be following online as well as I can.

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