Yoga is not for me. I like Tai Chi.

I know Yoga is really great for some people but almost all of the classes I have attended have left me in more pain.  I also notice that Yoga classes are frequented by folks who are much younger and more fit.  I have enjoyed a few classes like Yoga Nidra, but that is more about meditation than it is about keeping the old body paddling.

After a time I had the chance to take some Tai chi classes and later ran across this book with simple exercises in it:

This book is available here:  Step by Step Tai Chi  from

What I like about it best are the 18 fundamental exercises in the beginning of the book.  Doing 6 reps of each exercise takes me less than 15 minutes a day and makes me feel much more comfortable in all my joints and my back.  After doing the exercises for a couple of months I noticed a real improvement in my flexibility.  Whenever, I loose the habit of doing the daily Tai Chi fundamental exercises I notice I have more joint stiffness in days and I loose flexibility in weeks.  

I'm not certain I'll ever actually practice Tai Chi in the way others do, but I highly recommend the book and beginning exercises.

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