Watertribe is having an amazing 2012 Challenge in Florida right now.

The Watertribe is having an incredible challenge this month! All my North Carolina friends have had to drop out because of the conditions, injury or illness.  These are the toughest paddlers I know.  Dawn and Alan in Mosquito are still doing well but having to bail every two hours. You can read about them on the water tribe website or at the Log of Spartina here:  http://logofspartina.blogspot.com/2012/03/mosquito-update.html

Come on Dawn and Alan!  Hope you do really well in you trip around the entire state! Yes i said the entire state which will include at least 40 miles of portaging their boat over land without the help of a car!

I always get really excited by the Everglades Challenge because when the competitors come back from Florida they BRING SPRING with them!

Given that we have already had some really warm weather I'm hoping that they will go ahead and bring SUMMER!  Come on Dawn and Alan!  Bring the HEAT!

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