Kayaking is a water sport!

If you don't want to get wet.

Take up something else!
Or at least try canoeing where you don't expect to get wet every time.

It amazes me the things that are done so people can avoid getting wet.  I do understand it when the water is cold. And in the winter I do wear pogies or paddle with a single blade to help keep my hands warm. But we are almost in summer here and if you don't want to get wet now then try a dryer sport like bicycling.  Or at least try a drier water sport like flatwater canoeing.  When I taught watersking everyone, showed up planning to get completely soaked.  Why do they think it would be different with kayaking.  I do think rowing and canoeing are not getting the support they deserve. A lot of folks would be better served by those type of boats if good ones were locally available.  I wonder, do people ever show up for their first SUP test paddle with jeans and leather shoes?

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