Hwy 50 Boat Ramp on Sunday Afternoon

I really like lazy Sunday paddles!

We had some new friends with us.

Aren't they a lovely couple?

The shenanigans begin!
Later she got her revenge by making him tow her back for practice!

After a short paddle down towards the dam we went pack the other way and there was much less boat traffic and more shade.

We just goofed off until we came upon and very friendly Stand Up Man.

He encouraged us to try his board.

Only picture of me actually on top of the water.

Apparently we are hams.

Great big Hams.

After paddling Maria got involved in a rock hunt.

The day's bounty was a yucky yellow slimy bobber and a yoga roller in great condition.  I paid more than $15 for a similar torture device at one of the sporting goods box stores. 

We had a great time and if given the chance we'll take our new friends to the right towards more placid water.

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