Neuse River - One of my Favorite places to paddle

The Neuse river is one of my favorite places to paddle here at home.  Soon, we plan to move less than a 10 minutes drive from a canoe launch on the Neuse.

At the outlet of the Dam from Falls of the Neuse Reservoir there are good places to practice some white water skills. 

When the flow is just right there are some good surfing waves.

A paved greenway follows the river and crosses back an forth across it so you can easily walk or bike it and see the paddlers and anglers on days when you do not have time to launch a boat.

As you can see this urban section of the river in Raleigh escaped the industrialization that many rivers experienced.  Down stream of Wake County it is a different story along the river.

This is taken from the greenway bridge as it crosses the river just downstream of the Old Milburnie Dam Canoe Launch.  This is the one section of the river that require a portage because of this 10 foot dam.  In the future they plan to tear this dam down.

This is the long path from the parking lot to the canoe launch ramp at Poole Road.  This is the last launch in Wake County I have used.  It would be very prudent to bring a cart for your boat as it is now about 100 yards from the "improved" parking area to the unimproved canoe launch.

At each section along the greenway where there is a access to a road they have put in these beautiful markers.

And Finally I will add that Anderson Point Park is a great place to launch a boat or get married!
Check out the Neuse river Paddle Map on Google Maps for more information:

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