Kayak's for fat Paddlers Update

Best Kayaks for Fat paddlers

I often see big heavy tall or fat paddlers looking for advice on their first kayak so I thought I'd start a list. Feel free to comment if you think something should be added to the list.

Here it is:

Wilderness Systems Pungo 140

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 175

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160

Wilderness Systems Freedom (Discontinued)

Wilderness Systems Ride

Ocean Kayak Scrambler

Ocean Kayak Prowler 15

RTM Midway

RTM Tempo

Valley Aquanaut HV

Epic V7 and V8

Romany Excel

With the exception of the Ride and the Scrambler, the above boats have a very good reputation for keeping up in group paddles with Sea Kayakers.

I'd be very interested to learn what others think about this list.


  1. Hi, just wondering a few things. I still have a Freedom...I was thinking I was too fat for it, maybe I'll keep it then. Also wondering if Current Designs kayaks were too small or just weren't tried? Thanks!

    1. Diane,
      If you get tired of that Freedom, I'd be willing to buy it. As far as Current Designs, the only one that fit me was a Kestrel 140 sit on top, but I would not call it a good boat for a fat paddler. I currently paddle an Epic v7 and I'm not certain it is an ideal fat paddler boat, but I still like a lot of things about it.