Carbon vs Glass


I really like my Werner Little Dipper because it is so light and easy on my body.  I did have to shorten mine but it does come from the factory in 215cm which seems about right.  I think I shortened mine down to 213 cm.  I noticed the NRS having a sale so they are a really good buy right now.  The premium for a full carbon is about $75 for about two ounces.  I got mine used, but if I was buying one new I'm not certain I'd notice the difference in the two ounces.  Even on a 20 plus mile day I think paddle length and shape make a lot more difference than weight.  

As far as paddle shape goes, nothing is more comfortable in warm weather than my Lumpy Paddle. I really wish I could get a two piece model.  It's getting a few big lumps on it so maybe some day I'll modify it.  In the mean time it is winter so I'm paddling with a single blade most of the time to keep my hands warm and dry.

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