Rudders can be a pain.

Mostly I think rudders are very handy. Especially when I'm sailing or paddling with a single blade. But they break in the surf and they are a hassle in shallow rocky rivers or weedy areas.  I don't want it for turning the boat I just want it to work as a trim tab.  Mostly they work great, but I'd like one that did not break.

In my quest for a better rudder for my Cobra Expedition. I have taken a page from Mirage kayaks and fashioned a lower aspect rudder with a much longer cord length.  It always stays down and is very strong.  It is a flat plate so there is too much drag. Maybe I can have someone make a thicker one and shape it like a foil for less drag.

I think the ideal one might be very close to what Mirage has already done.  I wonder if they make any boats out of plastic or that are Sit on Tops since that is the type of boat I like most these days.

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