Sail Problems

I really like this sail rig because it is large enough to help on most days and it can be easily reefed, but when I do reef it is sometimes comes loose at the boom.

As you can see in this sail the sheet actually attaches to the front of the boom to keep the deck over my legs clear of lines. So on the boom I have fashioned a large hook from and aluminum strip that clips the sail to the mast.  The hook allows me to pull the boom back and then roll up the sail and quickly reset it at the mast.  However this hook does not have enough sprint to keep on the mast at all times. And as you would expect it comes off of the mast at the worst times.

Now that I've got my rudder rebuilt for this boat, I'd like to get this reefing system more robust. If you have any ideas to make this better, I'd sure like to hear from you.

 Until then I think I'll just use my Tarpon 160 with my Flat Earth sail as we have had plenty of wind lately.

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