Thanks for letting me tag along!

I had the most wonderful time sailing with my Tarpon 160 and my Flat Earth Kayak Sail this weekend.  From the boat launching beach at Shell Point on Harker's Island it was a mostly down wind run out to the light house.  The wind was opposing the tidal current so the were places with really fun waves and I did stuff the boat all the way up to my knees a few times.  Luckily I arrived with dry hot dog buns and dogs to share with those who had been there since Friday afternoon.  You never saw people like hot dogs so much! The whole pack disappeared quickly.

The wind howled all night but I still got about five hours of sleep and then plenty of rest.  The next day we walked around the beach and then paddled back against the winds. It was mostly in our faces all the way back and it was the usual 10 with a few gusts to 20 mph you get out there but a lot of time is was steady winds at just enough speed to keep up the chop and the whitecaps.

I wish I could do it all again every weekend, but it is a lot of work for a short trip.

I figured almost seven hours driving, almost seven hours paddling, two hours beach walking, a few hours by the campfire, about two hours packing all the gear, and about four hours getting all the gear rinsed and dried and repacked and getting the salt spray washed off the car.

I'm really hoping you share a comment below about any ideas you have for making the rinsing and drying and repacking part faster.

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