Water Tribe Race and a Cobra Kayak Blog

I've been following the Watertribe North Carolina Challenge this weekend.  The weather has been windy and colder than other years but they still had record attendance and great times.  I cannot wait to hear and read the racers stories. Check it out by clicking on the Watertribe link:

I've been working on my Cobra Expedition and making a new rudder.  I'm planning for one that is always down and very strong inspired by the design I've seen on a friends Mirage Kayak.

Also I found another Cobra Kayak paddler that really likes his racing Cobra Viper.  Check out his blog at:


And finally I went paddling for about the fifth time in our new to us Wilderness Systems Manteo.  It is a pretty nice do everything rec boat.  I took my instructor training in it because it was the only closed cockpit boat that I thought I could sit inside all day.  The front deck is very low but very wide.  The boat is 27 inches wide but paddles faster and handles well because of the v shaped hull and the hard chines.  I don't think it would be an easy but to roll but cowboy rescues are easy with it.

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