So long and thanks for all the Kayaking!

I have bought a canoe paddle and will mostly be using this unless I am surfing or trying to learn to roll.  Some of my friends say I am canoeing whenever I use a paddle like this, so my Kestral is now a canoe!

If you want to try a "canoe paddle" in your kayak I recommend a shorter one.  For me a 48 inch bent shaft works very well in a kayak.  In an actual canoe I like a bent shaft between 50 and 52 inches and I like 54 in straight shaft paddles.

I've only used this 48 inch Harmony shadow bent shaft one time so far but I loved it.  I wonder how they will rate me for the Lumber River Challenge.  Will it be Recreational Kayak,  Sea Kayak, or Canoe.

It think it will help me to have a goal so I am shooting for 5 hours for the race plus five minutes for each drag over.  If the water is about average this would be a very good time for me.  

I think it was the great Verlen Kruger who said you get more miles per flapjack with the single blade and I think he was spot on.

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  1. The paddle look so good. Is kayak and SUP boards can use the same paddles? Just curious. Snowcoast Paddleboards Alberta