Raleigh Greenway is great for bikes and walkers but they hurt the paddlers with this change

The old Poole road canoe launch is still labeled the canoe launch on it's sign but it has become far less usable.  Now the parking lot is much bigger and it is paved so it is nicer for newer cars, but the wood ramp/steps where you launch are now quite a long walk from the lot, so you better bring a cart.  In addition the landscapers planted tree in just the right place to make it impossible to use the canoe metal racks that were a great help for getting the canoe on or off of your shoulders.  So they have made it farther to carry and harder to lift the boats up.

I guess we should be grateful that they did not put up a sign that said " No launching of boats here."

So far this is very similar to what has happened at the
Buffalo Road canoe Launch as well.

A tip for paddlers wishing to park.  I go ahead and unload and get all my gear set up even when there is no parking because walkers and bikers do not park for the whole day.  In the time it takes to get all the boats ready to launch a space usually opens up.  I have yet to get a parking ticket here, but if I do, then I will consider it a reasonable ramp fee.

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