Roof Rack Redo Number Two

I think I have used this roof rack on several cars so,
 I have the feeling that the Yakima stuff is pretty long lasting. 

First it was on the Buick Road Master
 Then on the Ford Focus

At least if you wash the salt off,
it stands a good chance of out lasting your car,
 or maybe a few of your cars. 
Original Set up on this car.

This iteration was more about making the rack more useful as the basic rack has been on this car for a few months.  This car is not our " Paddling Car"  as I use it to take customers to lunch.  So it cannot smell like a dog even if it is summer.  So the boats live on another car most of the time. However this car is god for long trips and rougher roads and dirt roads so I am setting it up more as a shuttle vehicle.

One advantage of these racks is that they disengage from the "Landing Pads" on the tracks very quickly so they can be removed from the car to make it "work ready" in a couple minutes.

I offset the stacker to one side so it is still easy to carry four kayaks but I can now carry one kayak and one canoe. 

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  1. Thanks for the pictures! I've been looking into roof racks in Toronto and these have really helped me get closer to a decision.