More Modifications for the Mirage 19

The old shark is due for another refurbishing.  Last upfit it became a very comfortable sit on top.  The old boat doesn't fit so well in the new garage.  


It also has long over hangs that don't do much in the water or provide real additional cargo capacity:

So I've drawn some lines to consider for the project.  I hope they are not to faint for you to see in the pictures. I don't think the bow chop will have much effect at all. But it may provide a little less boyancey when a big following wave burys the front of the boat:

The skeg chop or "Skegectomy" should work well to loosen up the stern and promote faster turning.  It will require a rudder to work well in downwind conditions.  I may decide to only cut half as much as I've shown with the line.  I did this before on another boat and it worked well:

Here is a picture of the stern with a line for the planned chop:

Still, I might cut half as much as planned here.

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